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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 17, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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however, not be quite as strong as what we're seeing to redwood city. right now, it is 1 in. per hour. but the time it makes it there? it will only one-half inch per hour. with intense precipitation through sacramento, and through the sierras. on the rader, your not able to see the intensity. however, the yellow and orange is indicating that it is intense snowfall accumulations through the sierras. through santa rosa, less than 2 in., but of round 1 in.. san francisco will see 1 in. in napa, also 1 in. of rainfall. lest through here but to the scene to concord, and san jose. certainly we're going to be added to these totals tomorrow. your complete forecast coming up. >>pam: airforce one will be
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landing with president obama. in the meantime, air travel is still struggling to get on schedule. >>reporter: @ s f o, long lines. many people are trying to rebooked flights because there are regional flight was delayed because of the weather. on average, there were delayed about two hours with low visibility and a poor conditions. dodgem raindrops just to get to the terminal. they had to dodge those raindrops and once they got inside, they have to make a new connection. >> we're trying to go to missouri. >> los angeles. the delay is 3.5 hours. >> gatlinburg, texas. and i think that it is going to be delayed. we've gone to
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junior olympics in memphis and were also delayed. so, i guess we're just kidding used to it. >> the best advice. >>reporter: to call before you are leaving to either catch a plane, were collected somebody. >>pam: kate thompson she is in the north bay. >>reporter: and we are showing this rainfall for cold. chilly. and parts of the embarcadero. actually, we are seeing some blue skies. 101 north, it is finally, through novado, 12 minutes, petaluma, 40 minutes and that is about one hour ago. it was flashing with possible roadside flooding and high wind advisory to the san rafael bridge. that advisory has been removed. traffic
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101 north, south, smooth. nobody has the windshield wipers on. that is all gone away. and finally, the sunshine has started to come out at the end of the day. this is, obviously a big change " was one of earlier. and that rain was just teaming down with blinding conditions. the traffic on highway 1 0 1 south this morning was very slow. there was a lot of backups. the drivdriving conditions were terrible. also, the work crews were out to clear roads, removing trees, and the high wind were causing damage. reporting live, kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> and from kate in the north bay, jonathan blum.
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>>pam: jonathan? are >> >>reporter: i'm south of palo alto. near university. this has been on/off reactivity. to a university. rain activity--del is a steady drizzle. now, it is a steady drizzle and drivers are maintaining good speeds. it is not a bumper-to-bumper but you can still see the speeds on the freeways are much lower than normal. about 30 m.p.h. really, it is a very slow plodding commute. at times it is a justified because cars in the last couple of minutes are going to with pretty decent size bottles. if you look on the horizon-pulse-- those are clouds. puddles--
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>>reporter: towards the south bay, the rain is concentrated their and the backups. that is plaguing the commute. is originating. >>pam: that signal was intermittent. with at least that he is in an area that is not plagued with a lot of rain. and we read in martinez. are >> in contra costa county, the city of martinez is a we struggle with heavy winter rainfall. >>reporter: sandbagging, from residential and local
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businesses. flooded streets will still be an issue for public works to continue to clear those storm drains. >>pam: if you want to go to see snowfall? just go to the santa cruz mountains. greg? >>reporter: it is a not exactly the sierra nevada look behind me, the crest of the mountain range. earlier, this has been a melting. you can see only at the crack to saratoga. and to the top, and some people i've seen her making a snowman. and it is worth the trip. >>reporter: would have you seen? >> we are hoping that it was see some snowfall. with fog and the snow was developing so we got here
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and started building a snowman. are >> and with a snowball fight, people coming in/out all afternoon try to have some fun. the higher elevations, just cold enough for the snowfall to reach the top of these mountains. again, and the rain has been on/off and is slowly taking a soulful away. it is getting dark and by tomorrow, that snow will be gone. >>pam: still a lot of photos coming in. >>kimberlee: pamela, look at this slide show. let us take a look at some of these pictures that we've been receiving. pacifica, this is hail on his patio. and that child was hoping that it was
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snowfall. how much hail? and those large palace. this is in millbrae, captain bob. this is in millbrae large real pieces. hale pieces, are and dan sent us this from clear lake. tracking the snow flurries, the of rooftop is white. also unclear lake. this is in geyser of rurfrom oralearl >>pam: traffic san mateo bridge. headlights = south east bound and it is backed up. nearly the length of the bridge. you can see that that is the san mateo bridge headlights = self. east. we
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will be back, there's plenty more news, ahead. ♪
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>> live pictures up s f o. president obama is lending off of their force one to meet with leaders from silicon valley. the who is who. he is only going to be here until tomorrow morning. and then visiting intel and oregon. this is is eight, official visit. and with job creation, innovation no fund-raisers. and he is going to go to oregon tomorrow. some of it is critics are saying that this is a pre-election visit. that he wants to meet some of the heavy hitters of silicon valley. others are
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just saying that this is about business. he has talked about innovation in the state of the union address. he would like to talk to one on one about the people that make the decisions to create jobs. in silicon valley. of course, google eric schmidt, steve jobs from apple will also be meeting with the president. and it is a private visit. there are no public events scheduled. again, it is a short one he will be departing tomorrow morning going to oregon. and as we can see there is no rainfall. he is actually landing at a very good time to get a break in the weather. dan kerman is
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there. he mentioned that a local dignitaries are there with the san francisco mayor, ed lee dan? >>reporter: yes, right now walking towards the bottom of the ramp is former san francisco, mayor gavin newson. he is joined with attorney general, pamela harris. and new mayor ed lee also, 30 other people would not know exactly who they are they're invited guests. they are a little bit further over to the right. also, they are here to see the president. as you mentioned, this entire visit is focused on it clean energy, innovation. the " big wigs, eric schmidt from google, and steve jobs from
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apple and a zuckerberg from facebook. as the president pushes his clean energy, innovation, high-speed internet and promote innovation. with research, development, clean energy as i mentioned. this will be a opportunity to li listen to new ideas and to get america's workforce back to work. silicon valley can make it happen. with the economy, in support of turpin warship in all of this can be back to work he will be supporting the entrepreneurship--and the who's who of the technology executives of silicon valley. you can see.. he
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will be landing at 5:40, interestingly, he landed exactly at 5:40. and i guess that pamela, when you or the president will be exactly on time. >>pam: where will this meeting take place? >>reporter: we do not have any indication but it will be some more they can land a helicopter. as we look off to the left. there is marine one this is where he will go next. the dinner with the silicon valley executives. however, we do not know the exact location. we are waiting for the president to get off of air force one. mayor kevin newson, and as will the san francisco mayor ed lee.
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>>pam: those people that are gathered are those local dignitaries? >>reporter: yes. mayor gavin newson, and pamela harris and at least those of the ones that are gathered of the bottom of the staircase. and ed lee is the new mayor of san francisco. others have been invited and i am guessing they're going to be able to meet with him before he gets on to the helicopter. as you know, he is only expected to be here for under 12 hours. here he comes down the ramp. the president of the united states coming down the rabbit s f coming down thet as of all. speaking with san
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francisco mayor, at sfo, and right there is the former mayor, mayor gavin newson. and now, shaking hands with kevin newson. and lt. gov. pamela harris. giving her a kiss, and a hug >> she was one of the early supporters of barack obama and even flew to illinois for his announcement of his candidacy for the president of united states. you can see how they are sharing that now she is the attorney general. he also supports her candidacy. are >> that is correct. >>pam: and ed lee was recently at the white house when china was visiting the united states for a state
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dinner. >>reporter: the last time at the present was here was in october wawhen he was raising money for democrats. before the november election. now that the election has passed. we are focusing on business. and meeting with top silicon valley executives. steve jobs from apple, eric schmidt from google, a zuckerberg from facebook. a variety of ideas they want to have a sit down to all about president obama school on research and development, entrepreneurship, pete back to work, and clean energy. getting people--back to work. to get their ideas on how we move forward tonight.
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that is part of his reason for meeting them tonight. now, they're all walking over to meet with the 30 guests that the ban and fight and to touch base and speak with the president. these 30 gusts--have been invited. a wide friday. some military of these tests, and a wide variety. children, people, adults, and a wide variety of people touching base with the president before th and he leaves >>pam: he is leaving s f o in the morning. and he will be meeting with more high- tech people going to intel? >>reporter: that is correct. they have a manufacturing
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plant that is currently under construction into a tornadic tomorrow morning, bright and early. he will be torn that and leaving bright and early. he will be leaving that and touring that manufacturing plant in oregon to intel. we will see if there's any conversation about that in tonight's meeting. tonight, the focus will be somewhere in the bay ridge for dinner, a private dinner. without the press. >>pam: tomorrow, the company the into a company has created a science come a technology, engineering, math. science, technology, engineering, math. also
5:52 pm
known as the acronym of stem intel has greeted this. there will be talking about this. intel has created this--and in line with the oldpresident obama is budget goals are clean energy. creating jobs. all this falls into place with those goals. >>reporter: he is now going to be going on to marine one, all three will be flying as precaution with
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the top executives. again, and she mentioned he will only be in the bay area a very short time. he will be going to oregon. and intel and organ. tonight, eric schmidt from google, steve jobs from apple, zuckerberg from pace spoke in a variety of others to talk about innovation. zuckerberg from-facebook. and to get fuel back to work. >>pam: you can see that he landed at the perfect time. no rain! our
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>> absolutely, and it looks like it the rain is coin tthe correct backup as he is on the board for. >>pam: thank you, dan kerman. wheat will be right back
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. s 6:00 p.m. >>pam: 6:00 p.m., the rainfall all night with power outages and flooded roadways. this is from oakland. 14th avenue, riddled with puddles raid on the embarcadero, and snowfall in napa county. this is highway 29 near mount st. helena. the road is closed because of the winter reconditions. i guess
5:58 pm
i am wondering what [laughter] jacqueline? >>jacqueline: and scattered weather cells but nothing quite as what we saw, earlier. through the coast, and the east. >>pam: what can we expect in the next couple of hours? >>jacqueline: it is going to be coming in from the south. pushing to the south right now. let me show you exactly where the weather bans are, palo alto, redwood city, a steady stream of moisture. and let us track this with the heavier represent by the red on your screen. palo alto, menlo park, at 6:27 it will likely not be as strong. however, moderate on firsts are possible. also in the east bay, heavier weather cells with one half
5:59 pm
inch of rain per hour! and have the conditions there. now, through redwood city, south pushing self. skirting past san jose, and intense rainfall. the central valley, you can see the yellow one your screen it through the sierras as we speak. interstate-80 is closed. the heavy snowfall is 1 in. per hour. and santa rosa is not quite 2 in., and with 1 in. 1/4, san francisco, got over 1 in.. petaluma got just a little bit under 1 in.. pretty good rainfall totals and the last 24 hours. and here is what we're going to be seen tonight and into tomorrow. a chance for thunderstorms along the coast. that is
6:00 pm
what is coin decree those bursts. that is what we saw on the rider that is what is going to create those bursts. that rain. that is what is going to create more instability. >>pam: snowfall in the sierra interstate-80 is closed in both directions. and also, about six minutes ago, interstate-80 is still closed. if you're planning on going to the sierras? officials are saying to please bring your blankets, food, water, tire chain laws are in effect and a full tank of gasoline. and checkpoints along highway-50 admire about driving conditions in the mountains and more people need to know. tire chain laws. >> is this your vehicle? >> good morning.
6:01 pm
>> for several hours on end, for export, or cars? as he is approaching a time looking at his tires, they are new. proper tread on a 4 x 4. that is all you need, or a 4 x 4. if it is a to will drive, tire chain laws are a requirement. if it is only two-wheel drive vehicle--keep yourself safe following distance. please just go slow. people cannot rely so treacherous it is. >>pam: the snow plows are trying sin full force. however, the snowfall is so heavy. rob fladeboe earlier
6:02 pm
was at echo summit. interstate-80 is still close to both directions. and it is not advised to be travelling right now to there. right now, redwood city conditions. christine connolly? >>reporter: right now, with a sedimentary break of the rainfall but still, the momentary break. as we see the highway 1 0 1. normally, at this time of day it is a good thing because these roads are still wet. in fact, the on/off ramps. let me rolled you some video from earlier. let me show you that earlier, the flooded areas near the coast has also been hit hard. you can see a building inspector that was checking of the cliffside between these two buildings. earlier, red-
6:03 pm
tagged and 2009 in pacifica, sandbags. and because they are worried about that cleft with the erosion. the erosion is underneath that foundation of those two buildings. that is not the only concern. because of the high tide referred to as " king tiede " with 15-20 ft.. a momentary lapse of rainfall currently but a lot of accidents that in dealing with. please be careful. reporting live in redwood city, christine connolly, kron 4 news. >>pam: this team coverage is starting in the north bay. >>reporter: at&t crews are using umbrellas to shelter themselves as they went to repair overhead wires. storm
6:04 pm
drains were not able to keep up with the rainfall. clogged with debris. public- works crews were going countywide county, to open up a storm drains. flash flood warnings to petaluma was in effect until noon for willowbrook creek. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>reporter: in oakland, the storm was responsible for funding and 14th avenue and this huge cedar tree on madison. it was so difficult on 14th avenue my food disappeared. drivers were try to go a run but the-my foot and boot disappeared with the deep water on the street. this massive cedar tree. a close call for this miniature >> troy was getting ready. in oakland, off haazig
6:05 pm
madyun kron 4 news. >>reporter: the su shot at 1:00 p.m. this storm continued to blow through our local zoo--the zoo spokesperson says that no trees for fallen they did have concerns. extra precautionary with visitors safety. they did not want customers to fill short field short changed. many of the animals have retreated to in your shelter because of the fall weather so there's not much to see. as far as the animals. they have indoor activities. for instance, the chimpanzees, there were watching a movie " oliver twist "! and they will decide weather or not they're going to open tomorrow. maureen kelly appeared >>pam: kimberly? the kayla
6:06 pm
that is correct, we're putting this on- >>kimberlee: the need show you what we're seeing. this was from encino, and look at this is completely covered. the ripples from the hilhail-- and joe brought this photograph in from clear brook. in lake county, katie sent this one and the title of this is i've been dreaming of a sunshine and i love this from like county. cheryl with her dog. and he is shivering and wants to come inside. that snowfall. also, he'l-dale and redwood city. this creasy rattling noise and saw that it was pouring. crazy rattling noise. if you'd like to
6:07 pm
>>jacqueline: the stormtracker 4 radar, it is continuing to stea stream through near palo alto, and the mountains that is what is pushing to the peninsula. we will have continuing activity and type it out of futurecast coming up in just a bit. time it out-- ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees.
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>>pam: president obama just landed. to speak with tech leaders in silicon valley. dan kerman? >>reporter: that is correct, it was incredibly cooperative weather. 5:40 he touched down. this is earlier video. at the bottom
6:11 pm
of this ramp. local dignitaries, former mayor, kevin newson. and attorney general, pamela harris. they chatted with them, and then before you know it, he was on marine one and going to a private dinner in silicon valley. he was really only hear about 18 minutes. now, he is going to a private function in silicon valley. with executives to speak about innovation, technology. getting people back to work. and to be speaking with google executive, eric schmidt. mark zuckerberg, and apple steve jobs. as you know, the president idea is to a very specific spending. the rest of the budget cutbacks but to try to get people back to
6:12 pm
work. you want to talk to people about that in terms of education, clean energy, under pressure uand entrepreneud also, he will be back on the marine one and then eventually air force one tomorrow to go to oregon to visit intel. that is a list from sfo, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>pam: thank you, dan and gabe slate. how interesting with that meeting the? >> absolutely, huge icons. these companies that are hiring, making money and
6:13 pm
going forward, google, facebook, twitter, netflix, oracle. this is an example of what america is doing right! to forge ahead and fix the economy. and also, it could be for political reasons. they could have deep pockets and help donate for his reelection. earlier, i spoke with a tech he was mentioning that zuckerberg is a 26 rolled. love me roll that tape. >> soccer park represents the next generation technology. and it represents the demographic that has been supportive of him. as he went through his
6:14 pm
election campaign. also it could be critical for his reelection in not to mention the audience of facebook is critical to beat a mobile community to be a mobile community. -- zuckerberg to be instrumental. >> and their meeting with the bay area with an ongoing dialogue. they are meeting with the be a real too support under proportion up and to be to support of entrepreneurship. >>pam: with clean energy, and high speed internet. >> green-tech. it is great that he is here. through the sierras, interstate-80. it
6:15 pm
is completely stopped. it is nearly wiped out conditions. white out conditions, officials are encouraging to not travel on interstate 80. we will be back after this break. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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>>jacqueline: scattered rain
6:19 pm
conditions. a steady stream of moisture along the peninsula. and heavier rain weather cells offic still, decent total steel redwood city. and still, streaming through fremont and denmark bridge. on the futurecast, streaming continuing here. and as we head into the overnight hours. still areas of heavier rainfall to read books city, and fremont. as the go towards heavier rainfall through-fremont and redwood city--and the south of the golden gate. useless, this comes north to south but it is already coming from the south going north. and if we back into the bay area. 9:00 a.m., the heavier rainfall will be going through san jose. moderate rainfall coming back from
6:20 pm
the south. pushing through the south bay and on the peninsula and parts of the east bay towards san jose. by the afternoon, things will calm and to rachel pushed to the east and die out. tomorrows high temperatures kobe tomorrow will be cold, difficult to even warm to the high 40's, low 50s. antioch, 50 degrees and san jose. to the lake tahoe forecast the winter storm warning is in effect until saturday. plenty of snowfall, with blowing snow and continuing to see tomorrow with two- feet at like level. the higher elevations will see an additional two-feet-4-ft. there is another storm taking aim at the bay iraq on saturday. however, it will just be along the coastline of the bay-area.
6:21 pm
dry, cool, and the rain chance is back in the forecast. >>catherine: world news, more violence in the arab world would dozens people dead in three different countries. governments are using tear gas and tanks to contain the unrest. >> the muslim world was rocked by shock waves of protest tonight, tanks, armored cars and taken over squares and cities. and key allies of the u.s. the home base for the navy's fleet and now it is a site of a bloody crackdown on a protesters. the first shots for tier datear gas--and libya, calls for one day of rage against khaddafi his 40 year rule. 20 have been killed. 20 demonstrators have been
6:22 pm
killed. >>catherine: in yeman, 20 have been hurt and this city with pro and anti government spreading to facebook. >> we got this on facebook. with any changes through the arab region. >>catherine: friday is the muslim holy day tomorrow and algeria. stay with us. we will be back after this break.
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>>kimberlee: for denise pierc--brittany spears will be preparing her video on mtv. premiering. these are just of the short clips. also a 32nd teaser. mtv is going to involve fans, the doors. with a 32nd teaser on there website. stay with us, is a 30 seconds teaser for the new video from party speaker
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6:28 pm
6:29 pm
now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >>reporter: at sfo, president barack obama arrived a 5:40. on meeting with kevin newson, and attorney general:pamela harris and new governor, lee he is here to meet with top silicon valley executives to carry out his budget goals. >>jacqueline: the rain in the snow to the sierras! interstate-80 is closed in both directions. and with 1 in.-per hour. we will continue to see that heavy snowfall the rainfall will seat mainly scattered showers. the north bay is still committed to triple-c
6:30 pm
scattered showers-- >> towards the south bay, the stream of more dstorm activity towards palo alto. expect bursts of rainfall if you are in the this area. keep your umbrella handy. a wide view of the radar is showing that it is pushing to the south, well south to san jose. this will move back up into the north. and we will take a look on futurecast that heavy stream of moisture. heavier shower activity and that is coming in from the south. 6:00 a.m., still coming through on the south bay. the north bay not getting impacted. 9:00 a.m., still in the south. however, light sprinkles in the north bay but most of the heavy rainfall will be concentrated in the south bay. and the southern part
6:31 pm
of the peninsula and parts of the east bay closer to san jose. let us take a look of the seven day with clear conditions a different night. we're not going to see rainfall with the system it will just skirt the system and then move along the coast. some become also dry patches of red overturns and into next week. some rainfall returns it to next week. >>reporter: the freeways are still struggling with 880 to oakland. nobody is moving, fast. the pavement is that the lum---still wet, and a lot of this activity is still difficult. live in san jose, jonathan blum. >>reporter: in the sierras,
6:32 pm
the return of the snow means a return of the winter driving conditions. tire chain laws in effect on/off all along interstate-80 and highway 50. new the echo summit, 2 x vehicles have tire chain laws need to be placed on. 4 x 4 = line. and with more snowfall is expected. >>reporter: near the north bay, the rainfall has spent solving this area for most of the day. with heavy bursts soaking--and working crews out to clear debris and making sure that storm drains for open. down trees were removed. petaluma, fleshed flood warning until noon. reporting, kate
6:33 pm
thompson, kron 4 news. >>reporter: in san francisco along the embarcadero high tide, stormy conditions the bay waters are continuing against the sea wall. this is creating problems for pedestrians and drivers. you can take a look at this video and of the water has caused flooding on the westbound of the embarcadero. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >>reporter: the oakland library has brought this cedar tree down. the weight came crashing down on this minivan parked on madison. luckily, on occupied but he was on his way to take his daughter to school. it was not occupied that vehicle. the road crews had to come in and remove the tree. haazig madyun >>reporter: the self a continuing to make roadways very difficult. especially
6:34 pm
along highway 1 0 1. they have seen a lot of accidents because drivers are not taking the time they need. also of flooding. on/off ramps and the what drivers to be very cautious. in redwood city, christine connolly, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: esteban! alpine meadows 34 in. of fresh powder. snow bum--and 65 in. of the bays and sugar bowl. in the last 24 hours, and more snowfall on the way for the high country. for discount lift tickets. we will be back after this.
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. if they do not think they are and arbad driver looked at these people that are not getting out of the way. but this! they are trying to get out of the way but they're not turning in front of the police corps. the driver plowed of this car and landed in the bushes. and try to get this woman out of the bushes where the c h p headed three glasses of wine and prescription drugs. and she was transported to the local hospital where she was booked for d.u.i. and given a blood test. now, we are looking at a different collision on 1 0 1. the heavy rainfall. there were
6:39 pm
spinning out this driver was driving too fast. and this center divide was the target. and he was 15 mi. over the speed limit in the rainfall. the dry conditions is normally 55 m.p.h. >> and the driver admitted that he was going too fast. he said it is a new car and he is still getting used to it and he got a warning. finally, this was a 4 year- old without a car seat or seat belt. this child could have been seriously injured or worse and an accident. ca >> that child needs to be struck dead! with these conditions, it is so difficult. and even the c h p has to slow down. and in
6:40 pm
marin county, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m the giants brian wilson is held out for a second straight day. during has more details on that that stretta head. washington, stephen strausburg. straight ahead. surgery. gary radnich has that with your sports. >>kimberlee: and we have comprehensive weather coverage on kron 4 .com you can see the the slide show filled with images, hail. and we also have a place for you can e- mail. and the meteorologist will give you all the updates, details on what to expect. check out alive doppler radar. and door and seven day around the bay
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good evening of robotic, brian wilson. good evening, everybody, >> gary:this story in baseball. hereof today as the st. louis cardinals for a training camp. and if you follow us at all, he is asking for 300 been dollars through his agent for a 10 year deal. and he is asking for 300 and dollars. he is going to play this year and then wait he is asking for $300 million. >> i want to be a cardinal forever! and if i wished that somebody would've been different?. and now they're
6:45 pm
asking for a tender for years and we ask about it. few guys have no clue in your weight ofyou are way off. >> gary:and he is a great player. and how shocking that the media had a story wrong? [laughter] pro. and if you'd like to help them through? it is a shame that a guy that is held in such self a steam could not get this together. and this guy is great! but such help that
6:46 pm
such a high standard. and now the contract is perhaps compromising his reputation. he will have a good life and settled on the something. the herald of player, nobody is diving not going to pitch at all with stephen strausburg. he when had ligament replacement surgery on his right elbow last september. with good news was back on the field with soft costs--toss the sri have been all season long. and the hopes is that he will come back and this is scary. the goal cabrera. suspicion of dui. 3:28, and he was spotted by a deputy
6:47 pm
last night. he smelled of the alcohol. and in front of the officer, he took another swig of scotch right in front of the deputy. b. a l = 3 times the limit! he is a difficult problems with alcohol and the past. the sharks are home from 5-2 road trip. the sharks all of a sudden woke up and they are rolling. a jacqueline? " would you say is the key to this resurgence? >>jacqueline: they are going to be in the playoffs. >> gary:absolutely. and joe thorton? >> we are winning! that is what is great. after that losing streak. now, we are
6:48 pm
competing hard every night. with every detail. >> gary:the sharks to not when on a 1993. with the daytona 500. the qualifiers today are called the double 150. earnhardt jr., crushed and purchase. and the winner of the one pfizer was kirk borscht. he is favored for the sunday event, kirk bush --one of the winners. favored. and several cars spinning out. we will see a celebrating at the daytona 500. and pamela? >>pam: and i'm not an onshore? church, pro,
6:49 pm
daytona 500. and it is nice to you can relate. prayer. >> gary:firm glenn is going to be going to spring training. and are you ready? cannot spend any money, no more overtime. in joint motel and 19 [laughter] in july allah and how would you stand on this? in iowa the first woman, to win. the man forfeited and said it was not proper. he did not want to wrestle a young lady. and i would not do it either. i
6:50 pm
would not want to wrestle the woman is that a sexist? [laughter] there are certain sports, boxing, would not want to fight a woman. >>pam: perhaps you'd have to ask the women. and i cannot know. >>jacqueline: maybe he's afraid to lose. >> kerry:and you think that i am sexist? >>pam: i did not say that. and i do not think that women should be playing football. tennis is a sport where there is not violence. >> i think that is okay.
6:51 pm
>>pam: to speak to the women in those sports and see what they say. >> gary: when a return, the latest on a spring training and vern glenn. ..
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> gary: we are speaking with vern glenn. >> covering a couple of teams and a couple of days with spring training in the desert. >> yes. i'm interested to see what is happening with the giants. and with some of asandoval, and i want to see --and touch brian wilson's. . beard. >> to see the amount of reporters. the world alone.
6:55 pm
even there yet, and with a japanese media. what do you think? >> do you think that this is time for you to do with the involvement stuff? >> this could be a critical visit. i am not sure if you're going to see much of that. a lot of material to cover. >> quickly? do think that you would wrestle a woman? >> absolutely! [laughter]
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
exclusive. elizabeth taylor's birthday party photos before being rushed to the hospital. i'm lara spencer. ? and i'm chris jacobs. "the insider" is on. >>er fragile state. >> her bruised face. >> what these photos really reveal. the latest on lara logan's
6:58 pm
sexual assault recovery. >> my heart is really with her. >> she received a call today from president obama. >> is she returning to work? >> the photo of her family. and -- >> a little bruised. a little beat up. a little freaked out. >> the reporter's beating just caught on tape. >> i just got beat rather badly. halle berry's custody battle goes to court. is posh designing kate's wedding gown? >> she's asked to try on dresses. at home with celine's new twin boy. and gaga after the madonna controversy. "the insider" star watch is on. and then oprah's transgendered supermodel. >> how long did you feel like you were in the wrong body? >> from the runway to the hospital. >> you were worried about the surgery being painful. was this beauty pageant queen fired for eating too many tacos? and the milestone birthdays. who is turning 40, 50, and 60?
6:59 pm
>> he is still the hottest bachelor out there. and james franco's back story. >> it's kind of a dream. >> from "freaks and geeks" to oscar host and nominee. >> there will be many other surprises. now, from hollywood, the "insider" is on. exclusive, elizabeth taylor's birthday party photos. fore being rushed to the hospital. welcome to "the insider." i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm chris jacobs. thank you for joining us. does cbs' lara logan already want to return to work? after her sexual assault? first, lets get to tonight's top story. just released photos. elizabeth taylor reportedly celebrating her 79th birthday early. before she was rushed to the hospital. >> the house was filled with balloons. it was very festive. everybody was laughing. she looked pretty good. >> it's day ten in the hospital for dame elizabeth. the brave screen legend checked in last week. earlier this month, she was photographed in a wheelchair.


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